SUMMARY: Cannot jumpstart "scsi_vhci" disk entry

From: <>
Date: Tue Feb 08 2011 - 17:40:04 EST
thanks for all the helpful replies, although the solution  turned out to be much 
simpler than I thought it would be.  Sometimes it helps not to overthink things!

In our case, it was weird because we usually specify just cxtxd0 as the device, 
but in this case, it wanted the format cxtxdxsx, possibly as a result of the way 
JET expanded the WWN of the device in one of the scripts.

By simply adding "s0" to the entry in N1SPS that tells the system what disks 
to use, the system immediately identified the disks.   I think the long WWN 
string in the middle of the disk string perhaps break something in the script, 
so by adding the s0 tag, gives it something to parse properly, because as 
mentioned, we used cxtxd0 previously with no problems!

One person mentioned something I will try today:

> Rachel, you don't provide an example of the profile you're using, but you can specify 'any' in any parameter
> where a disk drive specification is required, e.g.:
> install_type    initial_install
> cluster         SUNWCXall
> pool lvlunx34_pool auto auto auto mirror any any
> bootenv installbe bename BE_lvlunx34_s10u8 dataset /var
> OR:
> install_type    flash_install
> archive_location nfs
> partitioning    explicit
> pool dcucs43_pool auto 8192 auto mirror any any
> HTH,
> Michael Watson

Which I have never tried, so I am going to see how JET can handle this form
as it may simplify our templates for 2 disks systems a lot!

Thankyou again for the great support from the list.....

Rachel Polanskis                 Kingswood, Greater Western Sydney, Australia      
    "The perversity of the Universe tends towards a maximum." - Finagle's Law
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