SUMMARY: allowing characters in /etc/ftpd/ftpaccess

From: Christopher Barnard <>
Date: Thu Dec 16 2010 - 22:38:41 EST
I asked:
> I need to allow / and a space as valid characters for uploading on our ftp
> site.  So I edited the path-filter line /etc/ftpd/ftpaccess.
> first I added "\/" to the end of the regex to allow /.  That works fine.
> path-filter     guest,anonymous /etc/ftpd/filename.msg  ^[-A-Za-z0-9._\/]*$
> ^[.-]
> But I have not been successful in allowing the space no matter what I try.
> have added a space at the end of the regex, I have escaped it with a
> backslash, I have tried \s, I have tried \x20.  I have added [/s] in a
> separate block.
> None of those allowed it.
> ^[-A-Za-z0-9._\/ ]
> ^[-A-Za-z0-9._\/\ ]
> ^[-A-Za-z0-9._\/\s]
> ^[-A-Za-z0-9._\/\x20]
> ^[-A-Za-z0-9._\/][\s]
> Spaces are valid characters in filenames, so they need to be valid
> characters when a user wants to upload something to his or her ftp
> directory.  I'm sure that I am not the only one who has been tasked to
> get this done.  Solutions, suggestions, etc much appreciated.

The solution:

Ah, you gotta love standards.  Especially because there are so many to choose

In the case of the ftpaccess file, the regex of choice represents a space as

So ^[-A-Za-z0-9,_\/[:space:]] is what I needed.

Thanks to
	Hugh Sasse <>
	 Crist Clark <>

Christopher L. Barnard
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