Summary: Disabled root account in/etc/passwd

From: Andreas Höschler <>
Date: Thu Dec 16 2010 - 06:49:44 EST
Dear managers,

thanks a lot for all your responses (too many to list all the email
addresses). Almost all recommended to boot from a bootable CD and mount the
disk as follows:

> init 0
> boot cdrom -s
> mount /dev/dsk/cxtxdxsx /a
> vi /a/etc/passwd and remove the #.

I of course knew this last resort approach and finally did exactly that which
worked fine of course. I just hoped I could get away without rebooting the
machine (pressing the power button to drive it down hard) but in our case no
avail. We hadn't sudo configured, nor root roles nor a crontab script that
could be modified by a normal user.

Whatever, thanks a lot for all your suggestions and ideas. The machine is up
and running again. Yes, I of course deserved it. :-) Take care whenever you
hack your way through /etc/passwd. :-)

Best wishes,

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