SUMMARY: Accidentally "ejected" DVD in a remote T5120 system

From: Syed Zaeem Hosain ( <(>
Date: Wed Nov 03 2010 - 12:14:20 EDT
Hi, all.

The responses were:

	- Cannot be done, you have to push the DVD back in (this was the most common
	- Try "cdrecord -load" (did not work)
	- Try "eject -t" (did not work)
	- Why do you not have staff at the remote location to do this (one person
asked this)?

My conclusion was that it could not be done. I ended up contacting our paid
support staff to go over to the site and cage and manually push the DVD back
in ... sigh. Since this was at a remote colo site in Las Vegas (San Jose with
our primary site, fail-over site is in Las Vegas), I could not do it myself.

Shows that a tray-loaded drive is a far better idea than a slot-loaded drive
for such remote servers - personal systems are different because people use
them physically close enough to avoid this issue.

BTW, the reason I was trying to avoid using our support staff at that remote
site is:

	- They are a contracted company and charge us (minimum 2 hours for an
"incident"). I felt stupid wasting some hundreds of dollars for ten seconds of
"work" - my fault in ejecting it.
	- It takes between 30 minutes to an hour after we open the ticket to get over
to the cage and do whatever we need them to do.


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Subject: Accidentally "ejected" DVD in a remote T5120 system

Hi, all.

An urgent problem that I hope you all can help with.

I inadvertently ejected a DVD in a remote T5120 system. This is a slot-load
DVD drive, not a tray-load drive.

Is there a way to get the system to pull the DVD back in? Either from the OS
or from the boot prompt? Or from the ILOM? Or any other way?

A power-cycle from the ILOM did not help do it.

If I cannot do this via a remote command, it is going to necessitate a plan
trip visit to this remote site and I'd like to avoid that if I can.


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