[Summary] X4500 Reset iLOM w/o rebooting server [With additional information]

From: Erin D. Hughes <erin-hughes_at_gmo.jp>
Date: Mon Jun 14 2010 - 00:03:17 EDT
Special thanks to Juraj, Dan and all who helped with this.

I tested on another x4500 that we have and was able to restart the iLOM 
from the command line on the running operating system.

To recreate the system state I pressed the SVC/SP recessed button 2 or 3 
times and caused the iLOM to crash. (The manual says do not do this 
unless your a sun tech, it must have know I was not).

Then on the OS I ran the following command  /usr/sfw/bin/ipmitool -I bmc 
-U root mc reset cold

This worked fine in my test situation the problem was on the actual 
malfunctioning x4500 the bmc device does not exist and all attempts to 
add it have failed.

When I ran modinfo | grep bmc on the failed server it reported no bmc 
module. I used add_drv and update_drv as well as trying devfsadm -v to 
reset the devices. This created the pointer in /dev/bmc but the device 
it is trying to link against is not created which is 

I think that I will need to do a reboot -- -r or a complete shutdown and 
remove the power as pointed out by Dan Ostrom
"you will need to remove all power from the system. After a minute 
re-apply power and you should then see output from the LOM as it boots."



On 06/11/2010 03:22 PM, Juraj Lutter wrote:
> Erin D. Hughes wrote:
>> Sorry that is if the lom works .... here I get no ->  prompt
> Tried to use "ipmitool" from another machine in the same IP subnet?
> like: ipmitool -H hostname_of_failed_ilom mc reset cold
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