Summary - T3 looping on boot and lost password

From: Peter Stokes <>
Date: Fri May 14 2010 - 05:40:03 EDT
Hi All

This is a somewhat belated Summary (my first post on the subject was 4 
years ago!!).

This is really in response to putting a couple significant bits of 
information onto Sunmanagers, as I always spend ages looking for the 
info I have to sort these out. So here we go.

There are 2 main problems I have faced with the T3/T3+.

1) Lost password. There are 2 solutions depending on the array and the 
version of the firmware being used.

T3 - This is the same for all versions of the firmware, simply attach a 
terminal to the system using standard 9600, no parity, 8 data bits, 1 
stop. When the boot prompt says you have 3 secs to hit enter, hit enter 
key. Then type

set passwd

The response is the currently set password to login as root.

then type boot  to get to the login prompt and use the above password 
with user root.

T3+ (T3B) - The above is also true for the T3+ with firmware versions up 
to V2.XX, for version V3.XX eg the last was 3.26 you need to treat the 
unit more like the 6120. So you need to again attach a terminal and hit 
enter when it prompts for it. Then type

set passwd root
set flags 0x40000000

The password is then set for a one time login to root (or whatever you 
like). Once you login issue the passwd command to change the current 
password to something you know.

2) System loops continuously at boot or you just simply want to reset 
back to a basic unconfigured system and clear out clutter in the system 

Again you need to attach a terminal and during the boot process you will 
see the following

initialising QLCF component....
initialising loop 1 ISP2200 .. firmware status = 3
Detected 10 FC-AL ports on loop 1

(the exact words will vary slightly according to system type and 
firmware version)

At this time type CRTL-T (ie hold control key down and hit the t key)

The system will then continue booting and eventually get to an Admin menu.

Select QC to go to label option

Then lable menu should appear, select W1 to wipe out the sysarea on unit 
1, then QA to carry on the boot.

This should clear out the system so you just have a couple of needed 
files in the system area.

This is based on my experience and I would welcome any comments/corrections

All the best

Peter Stokes
Tel: +44 (0)1636 627900
Mbl: +44 (0)7977 532320
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