SUMMARY: Help Mounting External USB Drive

From: Emmanuel Mejias <>
Date: Mon Jan 25 2010 - 09:02:15 EST
Hey all,

Thanks to all that responded. I ended up doing a few different things, but
in the end this one worked just fine.

1. mkdir /rmdisk (this dir must be existed like /cdrom for cds but this dir
is used for removable disks)
2. insert the flash disk
3. devfsadm (this will detect any new devices connected to the system)
4. cd /dev/usb/ (this dir will be created)
5. volrmmount -i /dev/usb/mass-storage0
volrmmount : is used to mount removable devices
-i : insert the device
-e : eject the device
6. now you can go to /rmdisk
7. cd /rmdisk/rmdisk0
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