Summary: Process being killed.

From: Christopher L. Barnard <>
Date: Wed Oct 15 2008 - 19:49:47 EDT
I asked:

> This is Solaris 10 and I have a sneaky feeling that may be the  
> problem.
> I formerly worked with commercial Tripwire at a previous installation
> and I am working on setting up the OpenSource Tripwire with my current
> company.  I have customized the policy file as I want.  When I run it
> from the command line, this works just as I want it to.  However, when
> I run it from cron it is summarily killed.
> Your "cron" job on sandbox
> /opt/local/tripwire/sbin/tripwire --check --email-report > /dev/null
> 2>&1
> produced the following output:
> Killed
> I expect it has to do with the difference between environments in cron
> and in an interactive shell.  All binaries and scripts in the policy
> and the config are fully pathed, so it is not a path issue.  I can run
> it from the command line in /bin/sh, so it is not a shell issue.  I am
> left wondering if it is a resource issue, except that that was never
> an issue with commercial TFS on Solaris 10 servers.  can anyone
> suggest what else to try?

The solution:

an ldd of the tripwire binary showed that libraries in both /usr/lib  
and /usr/local/lib were being referenced.  So I changed the cron entry  
to explicitly set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH:

03 04 * * *     LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib:/usr/local/lib; export  
LD_LIBRARY_PATH; /opt/local/tripwire/sbin/tripwire --check --email- 
report > /dev/null 2>&1

All is well. Thanks for all of the suggestions.  I had forgotten to  
include in my initial question that I had already redirected to a file  
rather than to /dev/null and learned nothing.

Thanks to

Christopher L. Barnard
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