Summary: Hardware mirroring on t5220 without reboot

Date: Thu Oct 09 2008 - 17:24:32 EDT
Sorry about the delay, but vacations are nice....

The answer from Sun is no, you have to reboot the system. It has to do with
the hardware raid controller not being the brightest bulb in the pack. In
I discovered that the controller ONLY allows 2 raid volumes. Given that a
T5220 can have up to 8 drives means that you have to use something else (SVM
or Veritas) to create more protected volumes.

>From the responses I received I guess I wasn't clear about what I want to do:

1) I can see the new "disk" using raidctl -l and raidctl -l c1t2d0.
2) I did wait until the mirroring completed before trying anything else
3) I can not see the new "disk" using format, without a boot -r.
4) For the first mirror I booted off the network.
5) I'm trying to use the second raid volume without rebooting the system.

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Subject: Hardware mirroring on t5220 without reboot

After hardware mirroring the first set of drive on a T5220 and installing the
OS on this mirror (c1t0d0) I want to mirror some of the remaining 6 drives.
The second mirror completes but I don't see the device (i.e. c1t2d0) with
format or in the device tree. I do see it with raidctl. The manual doesn't
mention this senario. I've tried 'devfsadm -C' and 'cfgadm -c configure
c1::ds/c1t2d0" to no avail. I'm running Sol 10 0508 with the current patch
bundle. Is there a way to "see" the new raid device without a reboot?

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