SUMMARY: Sun DHCP - do you have to use it ?

From: Fabio A. Miranda <>
Date: Thu Sep 25 2008 - 09:44:56 EDT
Thanks a lot to everyone who answered:

Original question:

Can you replace Sun DHCP with ISC DHCP ?

Answer: Yes, not problem at all. It also works with Jumpstart clients.

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Subject: Sun DHCP - do you have to use it ?

Hello Managers,


I want to hear feedback from sys-admins, IT integrators, developers if it is
totally possible to build solutions with Solaris and use ISC DHCP instead of
Sun's DHCP? Main interest would be to look for simpler admin tasks.


I came across several Sun DHCP tasks a bit time consuming, can one use ISC
DHCP for jumpstart? In what situations (if any) do you need to stick with




Fabio A. Miranda
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