From: Unix Administrator <>
Date: Sun Sep 14 2008 - 15:16:31 EDT
Dear managers,

Thanks for all the replies and sorry that i have taken some time to
summarize. Following are the responses which i got.
Smith, Kev
luxadm fcode_download -p

Martin Pre_laber
hi, on solaris 10, you could use: root@backup # fcinfo hba-port HBA Port

Scott Lawson
Unix Administrator wrote: 'luxadm qlgc' that will show you all qlogic
cards & prtdiag and prtconf.

Scott M. Sorrentino
fcinfo hba-port

Vikas Sharma
There is one command "fcinfo" which can be used to get information about HBA

Deborah Crocker
Under solaris 10 there is /usr/sbin/fcinfo hba-port This will report the

Donald Kinney
show [hbamap] the shell utility
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