SUMMARY: Where to download Sun Network Storage Agent

From: Wood, Tad <>
Date: Wed May 14 2008 - 09:12:39 EDT
My problem has been resolved. I never found a place to download Sun
Network Storage Agent, but thanks to Scott Lawson, was given a method to
use to determine which drive in my array was failing. Basically it is to
run iostat -En and get the serial number of the failing disk and match
it to the drive in the array. See Scott's reply below for more details.

However, in my case, after running iostat -En, I saw no errors reported
for the disk that I thought was failing. Veritas Volume Manager was
reporting it as failing, but not iostat. So I removed the disk from the
disk group and then added it back. After doing this, the disk now shows
as healthy in Veritas. So my problem appears to be resolved.

Thanks again to Scott Lawson for his help.


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The D2 looks to be the same as a D1000. ie a JBOD.

If this is the case and you are using Sun branded disks then you can use
the command 'iostat -En' to locate your failed disk. You will have a
target id that is failing and this command will list the targets and
their serial numbers. This serial number will be written on the spine of
the spud bracket holding the disk that you can see when you open the
front flap of the D2.


Wood, Tad wrote:
> Hello Sun Managers,
> I have a Sun StorEdge D2 array that has a failing disk in it. I need
> to identify the disk in the array and according to the D2
> documentation, the method to do this requires the use of the Network
> Storage Agent software. However, after searching on Sun's website and
> in Google, I cannot find this package. Nor can I find any reference to

> newer software that replaces Network Storage Agent. Does anyone know
> where I can download Network Storage Agent? Or its replacement? If so,

> please provide a link.
> Thanks.
> Just in case its needed here is the info on the host server:
> SunFire V480
> Solaris 9 patch level 118558-30
> Tad Wood
> AT&T Southeast
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