SUMMARY: OT: Looking for old documentation

From: Gene Beaird <>
Date: Mon Apr 28 2008 - 09:40:45 EDT
Even though off-topic, I thought I'd summarize, since this list just  
ROCKS!!  Thanks to:

J. Oquendo, who directed me to the Wayback machine: http://  I did find some stuff, and need to re-visit to  
dive deeper, but it is a nice source when looking for old material.

Matt Stier - Who pointed out that some google skills can ferret out  
web info from the deep, dark recesses of the internet:

google steel-belted radius

This returned numerous Windows TechNotes.  While I was looking  
specifically for Unix-based info, this source could help in a pinch,  
and was added to my support documentation.

Rich Kulawiec - Who had documentation _and_ CDs laying around his  
office for ver. 2 of SBR.  While not the version the customer is  
running, it is certainly closer to what the customer has than what  
we're finding on the web.  Since they didn't use SBR where he was,  
Rich mailed the documentation to me and it now resides in our library  
should the system fail in the future.  Thank you all!


Gene Beaird
Pearland, Texas

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> From: Gene Beaird <>
> Subject: OT:  Looking for old documentation
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> I apologize for the off topic listing, but this is a request for
> information for software on a Sun server running Solaris 8.  In our
> environment, we have an old system that is running Funk Steel-Belted
> Radius.  I think it is version 1.5.  Funk Software was sold many
> years ago to Juniper Networks.  They do list documentation for Steel-
> Belted Radius, but only go back to version 5.3.  While I can probably
> pick through that documentation, it would be much better if I can get
> the administration documentation for that correct version.
> Additionally, others may need the documentation when they are on call.
> Might anyone on this list have an electronic copy of the older
> version I could acquire?  Failing that, is anyone familiar enough
> with Steel-Belted Radius that then can verify little or no
> differences between versions, at least from the support/
> troubleshooting end?  Thank you, all for the help and patience.
> Regards,
> Gene Beaird, CISSP,
> Unix Support Engineer,
> Houston, Texas
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