SUMMARY: Cannot register VxVM 4.1 disk group with Sun Cluster 3.1

From: Matthew Westover <>
Date: Sun Apr 27 2008 - 21:31:36 EDT
Well, as in most things, the trick to getting the answer is knowing
the right question to ask.

I assumed that since the volume created and it wouldn't register the
disk groups that it was a Cluster issue. As it turns out, it's more of
an interfacing problem between Cluster and VxVM similar to the ones
with EMC storage.

I installed the maintenance pack 2 for VxVM 4.1 plus Cluster 3.1 VxVM
patchand I was able to register the disk group. The only remaining
trick was for any disk group with layered volumes; the disk group had
to be registered before volumes were layered and then synced after the
layered volume creation.

The two patches that I installed were:


Thanks to Simon for responding on the issue.

On Sat, Apr 26, 2008 at 9:54 AM, Matthew Westover <> wrote:
> Gurus,
>  I have a two-node cluster running Solaris 8 02/04 with Sun Cluster 3.1
>  and Veritas Storage Foundation 4.1 on SunFire V240s with 2 SCSI cards
>  and a SysKonnect dual-port fiber ethernet card. Attached storage is 2
>  dual-hosted 3320 raid controller with 2 attached JBODs. (1 each) I've
>  installed all Cluster 3.1 (for Solaris 8) patches at this point and
>  I'm still seeing the issues.
>  In the interest of full disclosure, I was unable to get sccheck to run
>  successfully. When running on verbosity level 2, I see that it starts
>  the single-node checks and hangs. The big issue I have, however is
>  that when I attempt to register a VxVM disk group, I get the
>  following:
>  # scconf -a -D type=vxvm,name=orahaC1dgA,nodelist=node1:node2,preferenced=true,failback=disabled
>  I get two messages on the "primary" node (First node booted since last
>  shutdown) and one on the node I'm running the command on: (sometimes
>  the same)
>  The message on the executing node is:
>  scconf: Failed to perform an add operation on a device group
>  (orahaC1dgA) - unexpected error
>  The two messages on the "primary" node are:
>  ==> WARNING: Apr 26 08:25:36 node1 cl_runtime: DCS: Error writing
>  elements to service table
>  ==> WARNING: Apr 26 08:25:36 node1 cl_runtime: Error writing out
>  service 36 to CCR.
>  Tried deporting from one system to another, attempted to access
>  outside of cluster, but unable to see the disk groups. vxio is the
>  same major number as well as the rest of Vx modules in
>  /etc/name_to_major. Out of ideas and places to look. Although I do
>  have Veritas Storage Foundation, I've uninstalled in the VCS and VVR
>  products since I didn't plan on using them. I've heard mention of
>  direct sharing of volume manager from the "cluster feature" in Veritas
>  Storage Foundation, I'm not sure if this is done through VCS or a
>  different product.
>  Can't find any messages under /var/cluster/logs, and the same messages
>  above appear in /var/adm/messages. Please help! Will post summary when
>  resolved since I've seen the issue elsewhere on web/groups without
>  resolution.
>  Matthew Westover
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