SUMMARY: How to Un-inherit-pkg-dir

From: Crist Clark <>
Date: Mon Mar 17 2008 - 20:00:08 EDT
Thank you to a number of respondents. However, I ended up
just sticking with the method I outlined in my original
message. I did a lofs mount of /opt/local over /usr/local
all internal to the particular zone.

One other solution a number of people sent me was a variation
on that where you do the loopback mount from the global
zone into the non-global zone using zonecfg(1M) commands,

	zonecfg:ainterdoc> add fs
	zonecfg:ainterdoc:fs> set dir=/usr/local
	zonecfg:ainterdoc:fs> set special=/opt/local
	zonecfg:ainterdoc:fs> set type=lofs
	zonecfg:ainterdoc:fs> end

That way the global /opt/local gets mounted in the non-global
zone. For my case, it didn't seem to offer any advantages over
just doing it all internal to the zone, so I did not go that

The other option two people presented was to ignore the
zonecfg(1M) command's warning that "removing inherit-pkg-dir
not allowed," and do so manually by editing the zone's
configuration file. The file in question is the,


File. Just look for the "inherit-pkg-dir" line for the
file system of interested and remove it. My procedure would
have been,

	1. Halt zone.
	2. Edit zone's XML file.
	3. Copy /usr from global zone to the non-global zone.
	4. Restart zone.

But I opted not to go this way. I don't think the actual
procedure would have caused problems, but the potential
for future administration headaches when patching the system
made me decide the loopback mount of /opt/local was the
best way to go short of tearing down the whole thing and
starting over.

Thanks again fellow Sun managers.

On 3/6/2008 at 1:43 PM, "Crist Clark" <>
> I've got a non-global zone that has the default four
> directories from the global zone set to inherit-pkg-dir,
> /lib, /platform, /sbin, and /usr. However, now it is
> turning out that we have some (poorly assembled) software
> that is insisting on being installed in /usr/local.
> Obviously, this does not work with /usr mounted as a
> read-only loopback.
> My initial response was to bring down the zone, copy the
> global /usr to the zone's /usr and then just un-inherit
> the directory. However, the zonecfg(1M) is not allowing
> me to un-inherit,
> 	zonecfg:ainterdoc> remove inherit-pkg-dir dir=/usr
> 	Zone ainterdoc already installed; remove inherit-pkg-dir not
> allowed.
> Is there a way to force the removal without destroying
> (uninstalling) the zone?
> A workaround I've thought of is to do something like,
> 	# cd /zone/ainterdoc/root/opt
> 	# (cd /usr ; tar cf - local) | tar xf -
> Then add an entry into the non-global zone's vfstab to
> loopback mount its /opt/local over /usr/local. The
> problem with this is that any future packages or patches
> to things installed in the global /usr/local be inconsistent
> in the zone. The files will not be touched, but the /var/sadm
> database will. (Right?)
> As for future installations, anyone have a workaround for
> this kind of problem so we can still share /usr, but have
> /usr/local unique to the zone for broken software
> installations?

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