SUMMARY: remote X displays fail after Solaris 10 upgrade

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Date: Thu Mar 06 2008 - 10:41:40 EST
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Glenn Prince
Peter Kunst

The following document has advice on this problem:

Solaris 10 0606 and beyond has a new "secure by default" mode,
that I have never seen as I usually Jumpstart everything and 
the DVD install seems to be the only place where there is an option 
to enable/disable the modes at install time.  I actually said "Yes"
to the prompt which mentions rather obliquely that network services
to the system will be disabled except for SSH but doesn't describe the 
actual impact.

Once I found the blog above, it was pretty straightforward. 
I was hoping this info would be in SunSolve, but it's not - having
to hunt down an external blog to get this info is a bit annoying.

Thanks again to everyone who assisted me.   The actual solution is 
below and I also had to enable RPC and one or two other things as well.

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Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2008 11:20:33 +1000
From: Glenn Prince 
Subject: RE: remote X displays fail after Solaris 10 upgrade

Well if you don't want it in SBD mode anymore you could do a:

/usr/sbin/netservices open

And then do a

/usr/sbin/netservices limited

to switch it back. If you do want to enable just the xserver stuff but
leave it in SBD mode then you should be able to do the following cmd:

svccfg -s x11-server setprop options/tcp_listen = boolean: true

Hope this fixes it.


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