SUMMARY: How to replace a failed disksuite 2nd. boot disk drive?

From: Dave Martini 1 <>
Date: Thu Jan 24 2008 - 18:42:42 EST
Thanks to Gene Beaird for the simple suggestion.

All I had to do was issue

metareplace -e d5 c1t1d0s0

It seems that Disksuite thought that the mirror was out of sync and a metareplace
put everything back in sink.

Below is my original question:

My 2nd. internal boot drive in my 280R is failing and needs to be 
replaced according to metastat command.
Do I have to undo any of the mirrors on the affected disk first?
Do I need to remove the state database from the bad drive first?
The affected metadevice is d5 below but that disk is also part of other 
Here is my plan.

1. Pull bad drive (2nd. internal) while system is up and running.
2. Install new drive.
3. Partition new drive to match the primary boot disk in the system now.
4. Issue this command:
metareplace -e d5 c1t1d0s0

Do the above steps look correct or am I missing a step or two?
Or should I shut the system down and then replace the bad drive?

Thank You.
Dave Martini
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