SUMMARY: Oracle reserve memory question

From: Stephanie C <>
Date: Thu Jan 17 2008 - 12:00:55 EST
Thank you for all responses. Most of you were pointing to DBA. I have the
proofs from all of you to deal with the DBA guy. I think this has to do with
the way DBA setup/configure/install of Oracle db. Thanks again.
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From: Stephanie C <>
Date: Jan 16, 2008 3:44 PM
Subject: Oracle reserve memory question
To: Sun Managers <>

We are running oracle db 9i on Sun v245 solaris 10. This server is really
having performance issue. We are trying to work with DBA, Oracle consultant
to figure out what is the cause? Until now, they and we don't know what is
the problem. According to DBA, all the kernel parameters are met for oracle
db. What I can see here is each oracle process is using too much memory.

#prstat -J
 10430 oracle          665M  635M sleep   49    0   0:01:56 0.7% oracle/1
 10420 oracle          665M  635M sleep   41    0   0:01:53 0.7% oracle/1
 10438 oracle          665M  635M sleep   48    0   0:01:57 0.7% oracle/1
  5718  oracle          665M  635M sleep   56    0   0:17:57 0.7% oracle/1
 10436 oracle          665M  635M sleep   53    0   0:01:55 0.7% oracle/1

Why the oracle processes are using too much memory and reserve memory? Is
there a way to set the reserve memory for oracle processes to use less
memory. Thanks for your help.

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