SUMMARY: Need (preferably) open-source DHCP implementation for Solaris 7

From: Rich Kulawiec <>
Date: Mon Dec 31 2007 - 18:24:59 EST
[ This is actually a re-summary; apparently the first one didn't make it out
to the list, as I discovered when doing my usual end-of-the-year check. ]

First, thanks to Peter Kunst, Dan Lowe, Tom Zurita, Renny Koshy, Rick Kelly,
"JV", Andrew Hall and Mike Adams for responding.

Second, and this is why I've rearranged the contents of the disk to make
room for the man pages, Solaris 7 does include DHCP functionality, as in

	ifconfig le0 dhcp up
	ifconfig hme0 dhcp up

or whatever the appropriate network interface happens to be.  Provided
there's a functional DHCP server available, that should work (and it
certainly appears to for me).

Third, the ISC ( maintains a reference DHCP
implementation that's available in source code form from their site.
As I've discovered, this is useful not only if you need to use DHCP,
but if you need to understand some of the fine points about how it

Fourth, there's a useful page of notes/tips here:

that explains some of the nuances of using DHCP with Solaris.

Fifth, there's a package on Sun Freeware for this as well:

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