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Date: Tue Oct 30 2007 - 10:02:55 EDT
Thanks for all who replied. Original request below.

Special thanks to Richard Skelton and Markus Mayer, who pointed me in
the right direction.

Markus wrote: You could get an idea by looking at how many
files/directories/... are in /var - 'find /var > -mount | wc -l'  If
that comes to anything near the 614,000, then  somewhere there is a file
hog that you will have to hunt down.

I found tons of files in /var/spool/clientmqueque, an area that I did
not expect. These files were outgoing mails which were not send and DCS
error messages. Since sendmail is not running I have to find out what
programs are actually trying to send emails. One of them is tcpwrapper
and I will make changes accordingly.

Again: Thanks to this great list!!


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Dear Sun Managers,

I have 2 servers (NETRA T1 200) running with Solaris 9, SunRay Software

The only purpose of these servers is to control 12 SunRays, which are
connecting to a Windows Terminal Server through CITRIX.

Servers have 16 GB HD in 3 slices: slice 0 5.8 G for /, slice 4 4.8 GB
for /var and slice 6 4.1 GB for /export/home/. No free space.

Both servers have been running for 2 years without problems. but all of
a sudden both servers have the same problem: ufs: NOTICE: /var: out of

Filesystem (df -h) in /var (slice 4): 1.9 G used 2.9 G free, 40% used

inodes (df -F ufs -o -i) in /var iused: 614592 ifree:0 %iused:100%

df shows only 1 file in slice 4

I have these kind of servers in other locations as well and do not have
any problems: /var filesystem shows 1.9 G used as above and %inodes:
between 12 - 18%. df shows 1065000 files though.

Has anyone any thoughts on how this could have happened and if there is
an easy fix for this?


Wim Pronk

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