SUMMARY: Lost all access to my server

From: Sonam Ganglia <>
Date: Tue Oct 23 2007 - 17:44:54 EDT
Ok. So I finally got this going, thanks for the many responses out of which
I think Glen Carver's and Casper Dick's solutions looked promising. Finally
it was Glen's solution that worked for me. Casper's solution  was a little
too cryptic to execute with my novice experience. Nevertheless in the
process of trying his solution, I learnt how to reset the server using the
ELOM CLI which was what finally made Glen's solution work for me.

Here's what Glen suggested:

Get to the Service processor Command and:

SP> cd /SP/AgentInfo
SP> set ConsoleMux=system
SP> start console

However for me, it did not work at first. I guess my console was already
jammed with output going to ttya. Then after I learnt how to reset the
server while tackling Casper's solution below, I decided to try the above
steps again. This time with a reset like below

SP> cd /SP/AgentInfo
SP> set ConsoleMux=system
SP> cd /SP/SystemInfo/CtrlInfo
SP> set PowerCtrl=reset (this will reboot the server but not the SP)
SP> cd /SP/AgentInfo
SP> start console

Once I got my host console back I could log in and the first thing I did was

# eeprom console=ttyb

Then I followed Sun's document about about getting a serial console over LAN

I followed this document to the word and now all is fine.

Once again, thanks for all your responses.

On 10/22/07, Sonam Ganglia <> wrote:
> I have a X2200 server in our data center. Usually I have enabled remote
> access on all my other servers. But this one was being newly set up so I
> just had to rely on TCP/IP ssh to remote login. Ok so today, after making
> a
> couple of changes, I found that the server boots up but ssh service does
> not
> turn on. It was something to do with SMF of Solaris 10 OS. But hell, I did
> not want to go to the cold data center to debug it so I decided to set up
> serial console acces. I hooked up the serial cable on the DB9 interface
> and
> connected it to the serial console server and was able get to the SP. But
> the console messages were not appearing on the serial port. So just like
> the
> other X4200s that I have I set about changing the grub/menu.lst file and
> without realising that X2200s use ttyb for serial unlike X4200 which uses
> ttya I foolishly typed:
> eeprom console=ttya
> To my utter horror I now find that I have no ssh, no serial console and no
> system consolee. Totally locked out. I only have access to the SP. Is
> there
> a way I can change/correct it through ELOM commands? Like how we do on
> command of good old sparc?
> Thanks in advance for any insight
> Sonam
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