SUMMARY: Recommended patch strategy

From: Romeo Theriault <>
Date: Thu Sep 27 2007 - 17:06:34 EDT
Thank you all for your prompt answers to my question of patching Solaris

The majority of replies to my question pointed me to a non-Sun based tool
called Patch Check Advanced or PCA for short. It's web-page is located at:

The next most popular patching method is to periodically apply Sun's
Recommended Patch Cluster and in between Patch Clusters watching the Sun
Security Alert newsletter for any critical patches that should be applied.

After looking at both solutions I highly recommend PCA, though I think I'll
use the Recommended Patch Cluster to bring our systems up to speed and then
use PCA to stay on top of things. PCA is also a great tool to just tell you
which patches you are missing. Perfect for a weekly cron job.

Thank you again,

Romeo Theriault
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