Summary: Refreshing ARP cache

From: Andreas Höschler <>
Date: Mon Sep 24 2007 - 07:20:55 EDT
Hi all,

thanks a lot to

"Matthew Stier" <>
Tom Crummey <>

The response was:

> Dynamic entries have a Time-To-Live of 180 seconds.

So we will just wait 3 minutes: :-)



>> we are getting a new router today. Since the MAC address of the 
>> router will change I don't expect routing to work immediately after 
>> replacing the router. I know the ARP cache can be shown with
>> 	arp -a
>> and that we can manually delete the entry for the router with "arp -d 
>> <hostname>". However, this can only be done as root and nobody with 
>> root privileges will have access to the machine after the router was 
>> replaced (until routing works again). Can I write a script that can 
>> be called by a non-root user to do that? How long will it take for 
>> the arp cache to get aware of the new MAC address if we do nothing 
>> and simply wait?
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