SUMMARY: Need advice on Setting up Jumpstart

From: Ketan Patel <>
Date: Thu Aug 09 2007 - 11:09:06 EDT
Many thanks who replied.
  Answers were a mixed bag of suggestions. In a nut shell,
  An image created with full+OEM software bundle will work on all hardware of the SAME ARCHITECTURE (sun4v, sun4v etc). Different images will be required for different architecture.
  Avoid using Flar if SVM is used extensively. 
  Flar image might have the problems dealing with disks of different varieties. It can cop with CPUs, memory rather easily.
  Use JET (Jumpstart Enterprise Toolkit) to manage it easily. Integrate JASS/SST into JET to get secured jumpstart. Use these if you've large number of servers.
  Useful links were: (JET) (JET) (JASS/SST) (different architecture flar image) (some useful stuff)
  Thank you all for your inputs,

Ketan Patel <> wrote:
  Hello Gurus,

I've been tasked with setting up a jumpstart server to use flair archive for Sol 8 and Sol 10. We would have images for internal network and DMZ in each version - in all 4 versions (2 for sol 8 and 2 for sol 10).

We use various SPARC hardware (Netra T1, V120, V240, V880, V890 to name a few) and quite likley will have the similar mixture even in the future when new servers are ordered.

My questions are: 

Will a Solaris 8/10 image created on V120 work on V880 because of their different hardware?

Will I have to have different Flair image for each version for each hardware? My guess is - NO. But then what is the way around?

Though I've the theoretical knowledge of jumpstart, this is my first practical set up. And obviously just theoretical knowledge has its limitations.


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