SUMMARY: smpatch on sol-10

From: Sal Serafino <>
Date: Thu May 24 2007 - 09:18:48 EDT
I only got one response on this -- quickly I may add!  Aaron Lineberger 
suggested that I manually register my machine with sconadm.  It didn't work, and 
I received the same error about the security validator.  A little research 
showed that there were some problems with the patch manager in various Solaris 
releases.  In fact, I remember some trouble with smpatch/updatemanager on my x86 
laptop a few months ago, but the fix I used then (change the source URL to 
"https:" and exclude the trailing "/solaris") didn't work, either.

I downloaded and installed the latest cluster.  Word to the wise:  You must run 
/install_cluster, reboot, and rerun ./install_cluster a second time!  After 
that, it seems to be working just fine now (at least on one box!).

Thanks to all,


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Subject: smpatch on sol-10

Hi All-

I recently installed Solaris-10 06/06 on two new T2000's.  Both are running
the Developer Cluster with slight modifications (add Freeware Shells, remove
Apache, remove WBEM, etc.)

After getting basic settings done, I ran updatemanager to install the latest
patch sets.  My first run installed 119254-27 and 121118-08 which are
updates to the smpatch suite.  I know there are more than two patches, so I
rechecked for updates.  There are 128 new patches, but I can't get them to
install on either machine in either GUI or CLI mode.

Errors on one machine:

Failure: Cannot connect to retrieve Database/ PKIX path validation failed: signature check failed

The other machine runs 'smpatch analyze' without problems, but if I try to
do 'smpatch download' or 'smpatch update' I get this error:

        <patch#>: This patch could not be found

Two questions:  Why are the error messages so different?  Anybody know how
to fix this and get patches working again?

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