Summary Emuex errors - Memory Buffer Pool is at its high water mark

From: Ayaz Anjum <>
Date: Mon Apr 30 2007 - 05:46:31 EDT
HI Guys !

The following errors from emulex hba on solaris 8 were fixed when i 
upgraded both the frimware and driver versions to the following release

Driver    3.93a0
Firmware 6.00g

this solved my problem


Ayaz Anjum 

> HI ! 
> I am getting the following messages from emulex
> cards in /var/adm/messages 
>  [ID 728700 kern.warning] WARNING:
> lpfc1:0407:INe:Memory Buffer Pool is at 
> its high water mark Data x1 x40 x40 
> Mar 24 22:37:29 
> has any one come across this ? Any suggestions 
> I am facing slow response from san disks, so
> suspecting something to do 
> with emulex cards. 
> thanks 
> Ayaz Anjum 


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