interim summary for Exchange replacement

From: Hudes, Dana <>
Date: Mon Mar 19 2007 - 15:10:38 EDT
Keep those suggestions rolling in!

So far,

-        Communigate from
<>  looks interesting. You have to dig around to
find that they tout a live migration from your Exchange server its on
page 2 of

-        Sun has a Communications Suite that people are recommending and
apparently there's a new release coming this week. I'll look into this
in detail as well and report back

-        Citadel  was mentioned as a free software Exchange killer but
when you check into it more closely you find that "Server-side calendars
and address books will be supported  by Citadel in the near future." So
that's a non-starter.

I'm particularly interested in anyone's experience actually rolling out
Communigate or the Sun products and getting them to work with Outlook.


Dana Hudes

UNIX and Imaging group


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