Summary: cups always print banner

From: Gerard Henry <>
Date: Tue Feb 06 2007 - 12:06:11 EST
sorry for this late summary
i received many suggestions, thanks to karl vogel, glenn price, daniel
vega villa and rene occelli
the solution for me is to replace sun binaries with cups binaries for
lp, lpr, lpstat...
the solution to just make an alias lp with lp -o nobanner isn't
sufficient, because you have apps that explicitly call /usr/bin/lp
As you can see in this pages, that's the solution that seems to have the
preference at Sun:
and from other people:

> i'm using cups 1.2.7 as print service on a solaris 10 machine.
> Linux clients print fine without banner, but not solaris clients. The
> only workaround i found is to replace lp from sun with lp from cups, but
> i hope there is a much simplier solution.
> For example, if i use:
> lp -d laseredp -o nobanner /etc/hosts
> it is ok, but i can't give this workaround to all users, they will
> always forgot "-o banner"
> i give a try with lpadmin:
> lpadmin -p laseredp -o nobanner
> returns no error, but  banner is printed!
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