SUMMARY: View status of power supplies of a Fujitsu Siemens PrimePower 650

From: Bernd Schemmer <>
Date: Wed Jan 31 2007 - 04:42:45 EST
Thanks to Andrey Borzenov, Remco Fugers and Hutin Bertrand.

All suggest to use either

/opt/FJSVadm/sbin/hrdconf -l



After looking at these tools I discovered that PowerSupplies are called 
"FEP" there ..
/opt/FJSVadm/sbin/madmin shows that status of the PowerSupplies; 
/opt/FJSVadm/sbin/hrdconf -l lists the PowerSupplies but the status is 
always displayed as "normal" - even if there's no power ....



Bernd Schemmer wrote:
> Does anybody know how I can view the status of the power supplies of a 
> PrimePower 650?
> On Sun machine this status is displayed with prtdiag but this does not 
> work for PP650. The special command fjprtdiag also don't show the status 
> of the power supply
> regards
> Bernd
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