SUMMARY: Lost root password on Solaris 8 sparc

From: Greg Hitchcock <>
Date: Mon Jan 29 2007 - 11:36:09 EST
Good afternoon All.

Many thanks to those who replied and sorry a summary has taken so long.

The original problem was:

>We have a Solaris 8 sparc box with no CD/DVD drive. The root password is 
>unknown. We also have no functional Jumpstart servers available.
>Is there any way, short of installing a CD drive, of accessing the root 
>password/etc/shadow to get into the system?
>Any suggestions gratefully received!

A summary of responses:

1. Use a JumpStart server to boot from the network
2. Install a SCSI CDROM/HDD
3. Use a boot server

It was unfortunate that none of these options were available at the time. We 
solved the problem by creating a new JS server and re-installing the 
operating system, a somewhat drastic solution. However as luck would have it 
the owner on the box was planning a re-install anyway so we saved them the 

Once again many thanks to those who responded.

Best regards

Greg Hitchcock

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