[Summary] NTP is it really 1967???

From: Erin D. Hughes <erin-hughes_at_gmo.jp>
Date: Sun Dec 24 2006 - 21:18:00 EST
Special thanks to Bob Metcalf, John Julian, & Darren Dunham for your 
quick responses.

All pointed to the fact that the TOD clock or battery had gone.  Which 
was true. While there was no possibility of a motherboard replacement I 
did find a spare E420 and was able to swap some discs and with a little 
luck was able to get the server up and running again the next morning.

Additionally the TOD battery on the E420R motherboard is not replaceable 
as it is welded directly into the motherboard.  So if you find your self 
in the same situation a motherboard swap is the only answer.

Thanks again and Merry Xmass.


>I have a e420 that I had some other maintenance iissues with yesterday 
>when it hung  after a reboot and some fsck and correction of 
>inaccurately mounted devices the server was back up and everything was 
>This evening, morning now, CS called to say the servers time was wrong 
>.... I logged in and it was unless today is Sun Dec 31 09:00:01 JST 1967 
>I do have a problem and also the does not change.
>I tried to change the date with the date command but that does not work 
>either. I also went through all of the ntp commands as well...... and 
>checked this servers time server at it is working fine.
>bash-2.03# ntpq -p
>     remote           refid      st t when poll reach   delay   
>offset    disp
>serv.1.test.co.jp   ntp3.jst.mfeed.  3 u    -   64    1     0.53  
>-917348 7937.50
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