SUMMARY: Changing Timezone on Solaris 7

From: Allen Wooden <>
Date: Thu Dec 14 2006 - 12:45:56 EST
> Since I doubt my customer is going to want to pay the $150k that Sun
> wants for the DST timezone change patch for Solaris 7. I was thinking
> of just changing the TZ variable in /etc/TIMEZONE and rebooting to
> change it. I haven't found any other place that needs to be
> changed but wanted to throw this out on the list for cya.

> The server is running Oracle 8.0.5 so I'm not sure what else may
> break if I do this. Any input is appreciated on that.

Thanks to everyone who responded. The above turned out to be the wrong
approach. The best method seems to be downloading the latest tzdata
file and running zic to recompile the timezone files.

I got the latest tzdata file from
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