SUMMARY: creating raid0 device on 3510fc with 1 disk

From: Kristopher Briscoe <>
Date: Wed Dec 13 2006 - 15:55:00 EST
I know I didn't put a posting out here for this one, but I thought I would
share something useful.  Recently I was attempting to create a 1 disk lun on
a Sun 3510FC.  The show utility for sccli was useless and I could not find
documentation on Sun's site for this simple task.

sccli> create logical-drive raid0 2.10

I was told that raid0 required 2 or more disks.  So what raid level to use?
Turns out the flag required is "nraid"....who'd have thought?


Kristopher T. Briscoe
Sr. UNIX Engineer

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