Summary: RSC on SunFire 490

From: Andreas Höschler <>
Date: Thu Dec 07 2006 - 08:33:03 EST
Dear managers,

thanks for all your responses:

>> thanks to the many responses I got for my "SC password for V490" 
>> posting. I am not completely through with the issue yet. But they 
>> made clear that RSC is unconfigured by default and that one has to 
>> install Solaris first via the serial port of the machine and setup 
>> RSC afterwards. Here is what I did:
>> 	cd /opt/temp
>> 	mkdir SF490rsc
>> 	cd SF490rsc
>> 	unzip
>> 	pkgadd -d .
>> 	 /usr/platform/`uname -i`/rsc/rsc-config
>> I configured an IPAddress, gateway and an admin account.
>> 	eeprom | grep put-device
>> 	output-device=screen
>> 	input-device=keyboard
>> 	eeprom output-device=rsc-console
>> 	eeprom input-device=rsc-console
>> 	eeprom | grep put-device
>> 	output-device=rsc-console
>> 	input-device=rsc-console
>> I then logged in via telent to the Net RSC port which worked. I got a 
>> rsc prompt and entered console
>> rsc> console
>> and here it is hanging!? No Control-C, no #. helps me further. What 
>> am I missing?

Rebooting the machine did the trick. I can now access the console via 
telnet though the internal LAN. However, I am wondering what happens 
when for whatever reason RSC does not work (e.g. bad RSC card) and 
Solaris is down. How can I bring back the console to the normal serial 
port to get access to the machine in this worst-case scenario? I assume 
tehre is some power button key press sequence that brings the machine 
back to its default behaviour!?


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