SUMMARY: Energy Policy Act

From: Christopher L. Barnard <>
Date: Tue Dec 05 2006 - 13:19:14 EST
I asked

> Does anyone know if Sun has released the Solaris 7, 8, 9, and 10 patches
> to modify the timezone files for the Energy Policy act of 2005 (that will
> take effect in the US in the spring)?  I tried doing a search on sunsolve
> for "timezone" and "energy policy" and as usual, I get either no hits or
> so many that are irrelevant that it cannot be used.
> I *think* the Solaris 9 patch is 113225-04 and the Solaris 8 patch is
> 109809-04, but I may be incorrect.  I have not found the Solaris 7 or
> the Solaris 10 patch.

Thanks to everyone who pointed me to Sun Alert 102178.  You have to know the
words in the Alert to search for it.  Neither "timezone" nor "energy policy"
are in the doc, but "Daylight savings time" is.  Searching on that string
brought up this doc.

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