SUMMARY: Sun branded Emulex HBA

From: SunAdmin <>
Date: Tue Dec 05 2006 - 08:57:23 EST
Thanks for all the replies. Most replies recommended using prtdiag and
looking at the pci device name. An LP10000-S for example would be a
Sun card.

I've found another method is to install the  EMLXemlxu package. See
tha output below. This utility can be used to select the Sun emlxs
driver of the lpfc driver for the emulex card. Note - Sun branded
emulex cards can only use the emlxs driver.



EMLXDRV Driver Management Utility, Version 1.00j
COPYRIGHT (c) 2004-2005 Emulex. All rights reserved.

 Driver Alias Present Boot Sun Models
 emlxs  lpfs  no      no   no  LP8000S and LP9002S (SBUS)
 emlxs  f800  no      no   no  LP8000 and LP8000DC
 emlxs  f900  no      no   no  LP9002, LP9002C, LP9002DC, and LP9402DC
 emlxs  f980  no      no   no  LP9802 and LP9802DC
 emlxs  fa00  yes     no   no  LP10000, LP10000DC and LP10000ExDC
 emlxs  fd00  no      no   no  LP11000 and LP11002
 emlxs  fe00  no      no   no  LPe11000 and LPe11002
 emlxs  f0a5  no      no   no  2G Blade Adapter (emlxs only)
 emlxs  fc00  no      no   yes LP10000-S and LP10000DC-S
 emlxs  fc20  no      no   yes LPe11000-S and LPe11002-S

 Available commands:
 set_emlxs <Alias>  - Sets emlxs driver to bind to the specified device(s)
 set_emlxs_sun      - Sets emlxs driver to bind to all Sun devices
 set_emlxs_all      - Sets emlxs driver to bind to all devices
 set_lpfc <Alias>   - Sets lpfc  driver to bind to the specified device(s)
 set_lpfc_nonsun    - Sets lpfc  driver to bind to all non-Sun devices
 clear_dev <Alias>  - Clears driver binding to the specified device(s)
 clear_lpfc         - Clears all lpfc  driver bindings
 clear_emlxs        - Clears all emlxs driver bindings
 clear_sun          - Clears driver bindings to all Sun devices
 clear_nonsun       - Clears driver bindings to all non-Sun devices
 clear_all          - Clears driver bindings to all devices
 q                  - Exits this program.


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Do a "prtdiag -v". If you get smth like :

PCI   8    A    0    66   66  1,0  ok    SUNW,emlxs-pci10df,fc00/fp (fp)

then the "S" at the end of the card model tells you that you have a SUN
branded HBA.

Dragos Stoichitescu
Unix System Administrator
Vodafone Romania

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Hello List,

I have an LP10000 installed in a Sun 280r. How can I determine whether
the card is an Emulex card or a Sun branded card and is there any
difference between the two?

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