From: Stephanie C <stepchung_at_gmail.com>
Date: Mon Nov 06 2006 - 13:01:53 EST
Thanks to the following Experts:

Richard Skelton, Daniel Jaime Rattey, femi bolaji, Christopher McNabb, Drew
Schatt, Fabio Andres Miranda, Paul Sagneri, Harvey Wamboldt, Joon Martin
Hansen, Christopher McNabb.

Sorry if I missed your name on my thank you list.

My Questions:

> I am totally new with Solaris. Please show me the
 > procedure or process to move all user accounts from one

 > server to another server. Both servers are Solaris

 > 8. Thanks for your help.


Most of you recommend to move the following files to new host



Femi suggests to move the following files too. I am not sure about this.

4 /etc/user_attr
5 /etc/security/auth_attr
6 /etc/security/exec_attr
7 /etc/security/policy.conf
8 /etc/security/prof_attr
9 copy .profile of each user
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