SUMMARY: Re: Moving disks from Ultra 1 into 220R

From: D G Teed <>
Date: Sat Oct 28 2006 - 18:20:13 EDT
It turned out our 220Rs were not available - only 420R,
so we got an Ultra 2 with twin 300 CPU.  I think it
was the safer bet as it is still SBUS arch.

The solution I tested with disks from another Ultra1 was based on this:
(Except that under Solaris 6, use drvconfig -r /mnt and
disks -r /mnt)

The basic test was to run format and ensure that all of the drives
from external storage appeared under the right controller and
device path.

However when we did the production disk move from Ultra1 to Ultra2,
fsck could not run because of a problem mounting /usr (catch 22 for fsck)
and the boot -ras method failing to complete the construction of
the missing path_to_inst.

Then I used this guide to create the devices and make a new path_to_inst
from a boot cdrom -s environment:

Our Cyrus mail server is back up and the load factor
is much lighter with 4x the processing power and 4x
the RAM of what we had a month ago.

It might seem strange that I didn't just install Solaris 10 on
a newer box, but we have many years of legacy stuff that
has to come off this old server before it is replaced.


On 10/4/06, D G Teed <> wrote:
> Howdy,
> We have an Ultra 1 providing cyrus email services and it
> is very overdue for migration to another server.  However our
> migration should wait until around Christmas, so I'm considering
> a switch of hardware with the same disks and OS.
> We are running Solaris 6 on the Ultra 1.  There are 2 external disk arrays
> connected
> via SBUS SCSI cards.
> The concept is to add one PCI SCSI card to the 220R
> (and make use of existing external SCSI connector),
> move the internal disks of the Ultra 1 into the 220R,
> connect the 2 external arrays and it should just work.
> It is running some software mirrored partitions if that can matter.
> I've done this before with a single disk in Linux moving
> from Ultra 1 to Ultra 60 and it worked well.
> Is there anything I am not considering in this approach?
> One thing I wondered about was how to identify the controller
> number so that our meta device and vfstab are correct.
> --Donald Teed
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