Summary: NIS auto_home map update

From: Abhijit Das <>
Date: Mon Oct 09 2006 - 05:44:32 EDT
Thanks very much Ketan + Joe for their suggestions. Ketan's directions
gave me the solution clue !!

Solution :- Locate your text files for the maps .. Mine was custom
located (created by previous admin) .. I updated it for the desired
user, ran make and was ultimately able to see the change in the map.
Tested user login to other servers + his home directory gets automounted
from the nfs server.

- Abhijit Das

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Subject: NIS auto_home map update

Dear Sirs/Manager

I am trying to update auto_home map in a NIS-Automount/NFS env ... Can
you please tell me how can I update the map directly [Since this is not
NIS+ the nistbladm command do not work]

My  /etc/auto_home just has the entry +auto_home indicating home
directories are taken from the map

I added a line to /etc/aut_home for eg user1
machine1:/export/home/user1 and then ran make on auto_home.time file
under /var/yp directory, however the map is not getting updated.

Any directions/suggesions on this will be greatful

- Abhijit Das
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