RE: Setting NIC speed / best practice. SUMMARY

From: Sixbury, Dan <>
Date: Fri Sep 29 2006 - 14:49:20 EDT
I got quite a few responses and they all varied in their suggested best
practice.  The choices were updating /etc/system, creating a run script
in /etc/rc2.d or updating /platform/sun4u/kernel/drv/ce.conf or bge.conf

>From the research that I did, you supposedly cannot configure ce and bge
interfaces from the /etc/system file like you can with eri and hme
interfaces.  I haven't tested this to verify, but don't have the luxury
of taking the system down a couple of times to test if it works or not.

This then leave either the /platform .... Directory where you configure
a file or a run script.  Someone else commented that they had used this
method as suggested by Sun or others, but that when he ran patch
updates, that the directory was overwritten and he ran into the same

So, my suggestion would be to use a script in /etc/rc2.d to set the
network speed and duplex.  Someone else had mentioned setting
autonegotiation on both the switch and the server, but we have to know
what to expect from the network and I haven't had good luck with auto on
both the server and switch, and the cards we have could go either
10/100/1000 same as the switch.  It seems like it leaves too much for

I saw something on sunsolve where it looked like you could also set this
at the PROM level, but I think that would cause headaches down the road
if your group didn't document settings and people couldn't find a
configuration file where the settings were being set.

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