SUMMARY: VxVM best practices

From: krishna <>
Date: Sat Sep 30 2006 - 00:37:22 EDT

Thanks for every one who replied. especially Noel, Dragos, Chris and
Kristopher Briscoe.

Best practices are some thing that is very dependent on the
application requirements. One has to concentrate on the performance Vs
redundancy to ensure on volume layouts.

A general suggestion was to keep the OS disks separate may be outside
vxvm, use SVM for root disk mirroring.

Another suggestion was to use vxfs if possible for better file system
performance, as well define volume names descriptive and unique for
easy identification and further consolidation.

Came across this wonderful collection from Noel's website.  This may
be useful to all.  This also has a good doco on VxVM. chk this

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