SUMMARY: changing fc adapters

From: Jarkko Airaksinen <>
Date: Fri Sep 29 2006 - 03:26:43 EDT

The whole adapter move went like in action movies; once again the hero
(me) won.

After a few encouraging replies I umounted the FC disks, commented their
entries in /etc/vfstab just to be able to mount the file systems
manually, uninstalled the emulex drivers, touched /reconfigure and shut
down the server for some hw tweaking. After replacing the old emulexes
with the new qlogic adapters I merely turned on the machine again and
waited till the system was up. Then I mounted the first disk manually
and as it was successful I uncommented the entries from /etc/vfstab and
calmly did a mountall.

Perhaps it won't be as easy in all systems though. My system consists of
a pp450, sol8, san4.4.6, two qlogic 2300 adapters, two cisco fc switches
with zoning by switch & port combination and an HP EVA disk cabinet.

Thanks to everyone who replied.


The replies I got:

The only thing you will need to watch out for, is that Solaris will
assign a new controller number, since the connectors PCI address will
have changed.

(thanks matthew)

The adapter device names may change due to the change in slot. If you
are doing any kind of persistent bindings, make sure to update it.

(thanks Shyam)

If you are implementing persistent bindings it is ~possible~ that the OS
hba identifiers could get renumbered (ex. lpfc0 lpfc1 or hba0 hba1 etc).

You would then need to make sure the mappings are correct. I typically
look at dmesg output after a reboot and it will tell you the WWN name
for the particular identifier and you should be able to remap if you
have good documentation of your WWN's. Other than that I do not see
where the move would pose a problem.

(thanks listmail@triad)


From: Jarkko Airaksinen
Sent: martes, 26 de septiembre de 2006 10:00
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Subject: changing fc adapters

Hello dear Sun Managers,

I have a F-S PP450 running Sol8. The server has two emulex adapters in
the 66MHz slots and two qlogic 2300 adapters in the 33MHz slots. As the
emulexes are not used anymore I thought I'd remove them and put the
qlogic adapters in the faster slots.

Is there anything special to be taken into account, or just "uninstall
emlx drivers -> remove emulex adapters -> move qlogic to the old emulex
slots -> boot -r?

Thanks all,



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