SUMMARY: Panic on boot on 280R after restore from 3800

From: am.lists <>
Date: Fri Sep 15 2006 - 14:23:15 EDT
Thanks to all who replied:

Aaron Lineberger
Victor Engle
Dana Hudes
Sandwich Maker
Joe Fletcher
Kevin Counts

The 3800's backup image was indeed missing a platform-specific driver
necessary for that image to boot on the 280R. The things that are key:

- You must rebuild /dev and /devices and /etc/path_to_inst with valid
configuration for your platform (in my case, I overlayed these from the
jumpstart image prepped for that host)
- If you're booting a 280R using internal Fibre Channel disks,
/kernel/drv/qlc, qlc.conf, and /kernel/drv/sparcv9/qlc have to be there, as
well as the appropriate aliases in /etc/driver_aliases.

Necessary or not, I added a forceload: drv/qlc into my /etc/system, and I'm
now up and running.

As an extra step, I'm going to have the relevant files needed for the DR
restore added to the production 3800 host so that they will be on the tape
next time.

Thanks all,

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