SUMMARY: E450 slow timer

From: Jody Baze <jody_at_BlueSkyTours.COM>
Date: Tue Sep 05 2006 - 11:04:41 EDT
Many thanks to Ric Anderson, Ryan Krenzische, Anthony Florendo, Darren
Dunham, and Bruce Shaw for taking a crack at this one. The consensus seems
to be a bad clock/timer module - it has a non-user-replacable battery. As a
workaround, I simply put a little watchdog job in my crontab to wake cron up
every minute and while it's not perfect it's plenty fine for this machine.
Thanks again to all the contributors!

Jody Baze
Blue Sky Tours

> -- Original Message --
> i all -- We have an E450 here that has been relegated to utility tasks
> (DHCP services, etc) that has recently started acting very odd. I noticed
> a couple of weeks ago that cron was not running jobs on time. I finally
> got around to looking into it and this one's got me scratching my head...
> The system timer seems to be running about half speed. That is, when cron
> does alarm(60) it actually takes almost 120 seconds for the alarm to go
> off. I tried doing a "sleep 30" from the shell and, sure enough, it took
> about 60 seconds to come back. Interestingly, the system time is spot on
> (it gets synced to our other machines, but only a couple of times a day).
> Anybody ever seen something like this? I looked through Sunsolve and
> didn't see anything. This one has me stumped. Thanks!
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