Summary: Static Routes in Solaris 10 !

From: Ayaz Anjum <>
Date: Sat Sep 02 2006 - 02:06:27 EDT
HI !


Thanks to all who replied. 


In my case I have found that the script which I created was actually getting
executing but after a while. The problem being that in /etc/rc2.d there was
a script S77netbackup that tried to communicate with backup serve which
happen to be in different network and hence waiting for timing out. The
route script which I usually created used be S999route. Now I have moved it
to S74route and every thing is working fine and route are getting  added
during system reboots







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Subject: Static Routes in Solaris 10 !


HI Guys !


I have created a simple scrip in /etc/rc2.d as S99routes to add certain
static routes with commands 'route add net ... '. However I have noticed
with solaris 10 this script doesnot get executed on solaris boot up. The
permission for this is 744 and root:sys as owner. Any suggestions !!!


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