SUMMARY: OpenSSH without Password

From: Bhavesh Shah <>
Date: Thu Aug 31 2006 - 14:12:51 EDT
Thanks to all for thier reply. Many Thanks to Christopher L. Barnard  
for suggesting me to run sshd server in debug mode.
The issue was Home direcotry persmission which set incorrectly somehow 
(770). Changed it to 700 resolved the issue

Thanks once again.

My post was:

>>Hi Gurus,
>>I am running OpenSSH_4.3p2, OpenSSL 0.9.8b on Solaris 9. It works fine
>>except without password as root from another host. That too was working
>>before changed the hostname. I re-created keys after changing the
>>hostname but it still doesn't work. I have bunch of other boxes with the
>>same version and that works without any problem. I can SSH without
>>password to these boxes no problem but this one doesn't.
>>I copied from cleint's box to test's box in
>>/root/.ssh/authorized_keys the smae thing i did o other boxes with the
>>same version works great.
>>Here is the output:
>>ssh -v tester
>>debug1: next auth method to try is publickey
>>debug1: key does not exist: /root/.ssh/identity
>>debug1: try pubkey: /root/.ssh/id_rsa
>>debug1: read SSH2 private key done: name rsa w/o comment success 1
>>debug1: authentications that can continue:
>>debug1: next auth method to try is publickey
>>debug1: key does not exist: /root/.ssh/id_dsa
>>debug1: next auth method to try is password
>>root@tester's password:
>>cd /usr/local/etc/
>>bash-2.05# ls
>>moduli                ssh_host_dsa_key      ssh_host_rsa_key
>>ssh_config            ssh_host_key
>>cd /root/.ssh/
>>authorized_keys  id_rsa        known_hosts
>>Any help is greatly appreciated.
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