SUMMARY: Server reports /var full

From: Polachak, Jason M CTR NAVSEA <>
Date: Thu Aug 24 2006 - 12:30:37 EDT
Thanks to all who replied.  The issue was that the /var partition was
out of inodes.  The command to display this was df -o I

Jason Polachak


I currently have a sunfire v440 running solaris 10.  The problem that I
am having is that it is reporting that /var if full everytime I try to
touch a file in /var or vi anyfile.  The df command says that I am using
1.7Gb out of 2.9Gb.  Du also shows the same information.  I have booted
off of cdrom into single user mode.  Then ran du and df against the /var
partition.  They report the same status of 1.7Gb being used out of
2.9Gb.  I have noticed during reboots the error:

CAPTURE_UPTIME ERROR /var/opt/SUNWsrsrp missing
I have found online that there is a problem with the capture_uptime
script.  I have renamed the script so that they will not start.  To try
to alleviate the first symptom however, no luck. I am trying to
uninstall the NetConnect service with prodreg.  However it has been
running 5 minutes and it is still at 0%.  All help will be appreciated.
I don't know what else to do.

Jason Polachak
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