SUMMARY: growfs

From: Bruce Shaw <>
Date: Wed Aug 23 2006 - 15:56:55 EDT
Thanks to James Scott for diagnosis and Tom Stewart who figured it out.

"You need to go into format and select the disk then select type and
auto. Afterwards you need to write the new label to keep the new size.
Growfs will work after that."

When I went back into format, Solaris had automatically assigned root, swap
and usr partitions and renamed the drive to

I repartitioned the drive back to the way I wanted it (every thing on slice
6) and changed my vfstab entry.  When I re-mounted it, my data was still
there, but df -kl was still reporting the smaller size.  

I unmounted the partition, did a growfs to
/dev/rdsk/c4t600508B40010483200009000010E000d0s6 then remounted the

df -kl reported the new size and my data is fine.


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