SUMMARY: prstat readings

From: Pandey, Abhimanyu <>
Date: Wed Aug 09 2006 - 09:08:17 EDT

|>I have a user who runs a BILLER job (usually at night).  The process

|>takes about 5 hours.  Since it (the process) shows up as 12% on prstat

|>listing I was wondering if there is an upper limit on how much a

|>certain or any process can take up.  Since she runs it a very quiet

|>system I would prefer it to take more memory, processing, swap and get

|>done sooner. And hence I can do backup and other system stuff after
her job.

I talked to the vendor and they say that it cannot use more than one
processor per Biller process guess I am stuck for now.  But 5 hours is
not bad since it used up 14 hours on our old HP system!


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   You will probably get lots of the same answer but... you said you
have an 8 proc system (equivalent).  So 12% is about 1 proc worth of

So it's full tilt proc bound.

  Unless you can split it up into multiple jobs so as to utilize
multiple procs you're kinda stuck.


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