Summary: killdisk for Sun/Sparc?

From: FH <>
Date: Mon Aug 07 2006 - 14:09:45 EDT
Thanks for the quick responses everyone.  The "winning" suggestion seems to
running some form of the format command.  Special kudos to steve mcconnell
sent the following link which is
an official Sun document about this.  The only difference is they recommended
using the "verify" option instead of the "purge" option most of the other
responses recommended.

Anyway thanks again for the help/quick responses :D

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Subject: killdisk for Sun/Sparc?

Is there something similar to the killdisk program for Sun machines?  I have
TON of old Sun drives that I would like to make sure they are empty before
disposing of them.  The various options I can think of are:

- booting from the Solaris install CD, getting to a console and running some
sort of command to wipe/over write the drive.

- booting from a *BSD install CD and doing the same thing.

- figuring out some way of putting the sun drives on a PC and just use
killdisk (I've never really thought about this before so I'm not even sure if
this is possible).

Does anyone have any other suggestions?  Anyone know what "command" would be
useful?  I'm thinking maybe some sort of derivation of dd using /dev/random
the input, but I'm not sure if that would work though.  In general what do
people do w/ their old Sun drives?

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